Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls-Toilet Paper Christmas Tree For Kids

If you’re looking for some Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls, then check out this easy to make toilet paper Christmas tree.

Lately I’ve been building quite a collection of  toilet paper rolls. So I’ve been looking for some fun and easy crafts with (lots of) toilet paper rolls that I could do with the kids. Since Christmas is around the corner,  I decided with the kids that our next Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls would be a toilet paper Christmas tree.

kids crafts activity christmas tree from toilet rolls

This is what you need to make a toilet paper Christmas tree:

  • 32 toilet paper rolls (you can use less also, I just wanted to finish the stock I had 😉 )
  • Paint and brushes
  • A stapler to fix the rolls together (I tried also with tape and glue but did not turn out that good)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • A pair of scissors, to do small cuts in the rolls and fit the ornaments

First we painted….and painted ..and painted the toilet paper rolls. And then we painted some more 🙂

Painting a Christmas tree kids crafts from toilet rolls

After painting the inside and outside of the toilet paper rolls, we had to let them dry for a day before we could finalize this great craft with toilet paper rolls.

After everything got dry,  it was time to decorate our toilet paper Christmas tree. At this point my kids did some negotiation as they could not agree: Lukas (3 years) wanted to use the yellow ornaments and Victoria (4,5 years) the purple ones for their toilet paper Christmas tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree kids crafts from toilet rolls

Luckily, after some discussion and a bit of creative thinking, we reached a compromise and decided to  have a toilet paper Christmas tree that changes color, depending on the side you look at.

So…taaadaaamm…. I proudly present you the result!

Christmas tree kids crafts from toilet rolls

And if you look from the other side, you get this:

Christmas tree kids crafts from toilet rolls

Cool right? It’s one of the easiest crafts with toilet paper rolls that you can do for Christmas with the kids. They just need to learn to be a bit patient as all those toilet paper rolls had to dry before we could build our toilet paper Christmas tree .

Besides having fun, this is what we learned from this craft with toilet paper rolls:

  • To be patient
  • Exercise our fine motor skills
  • Inclusiveness, cooperation and compromise

I like toilet paper rolls because there are many things you can do with them. We did a car out of toilet paper rolls and we also did a plane out of toilet paper rolls,! How do you play with toilet paper rolls?

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8 Responses to Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls-Toilet Paper Christmas Tree For Kids

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  3. Great idea, must show this post to my daughters as I just made kitchen roll countdown calendars for them 🙂

  4. Deb says:

    Beautiful crafty tree. Now I can use my toilet rolls everyone laughs at me for hoarding, Thanks!

  5. Renee says:

    How did you attach the ‘trunk’ to the ‘leaves’? I haven’t found a way to keep it together yet? Thanks.

    • stefan says:

      Hey Renee, for our version we actually didn’t attach the trunk to the leaves, we just put the leaves loose on top of the trunk and that worked out fine for us. But if you’d like to attach them, I think there are different ways to do so. (1) You could cut out some circles at the bottom of the leaves so you can slide it on top of the trunk. (2) Alternatively you could stick some paper or cotton balls at the bottom of the leaves so they would get a firm grip in the trunk. (3) My preferred approach would be to glue a wooden stick ( for example those you’d use to make brochettes) in the middle of the trunk and stick the leaves on top. I haven’t tried any of these yet myself, so not sure which works best, but I hope it gives you some inspiration to make yourself a great christmas tree.

  6. Juan says:

    Gr8 idea, will use it on my Xmas programe this year

  7. Phyllis Abraham says:

    Made these Christmas trees in our after schools club today we actually used glue dots to stick them it worked a treat kids had a ball thanks for a great tip

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