How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree – Simple Christmas Crafts

If you’re looking for some simple Christmas crafts for kids, have a look at this easy to make paper Christmas tree.

Paper Christmas Tree - Simple Christmas Crafts What you need to make a paper Christmas tree:

  • One A4 sheet of (colored) paper
  • A toilet paper roll 
  • Scissors
  • Some decorating materials like glitter, glue, stickers…. (optional)

Paper Christmas Tree - Simple Christmas Crafts How to make a paper Christmas tree in 4 easy steps:

1-20Fold the A4 paper over the long side in a zig-zag pattern (as if you’d make a fan out of it), some might refer to it as folding like an accordion. If you do this paper Christmas tree with kids younger than 6, you might need to do the folding for them. But it is still good to encourage them to try the folding themselves as this is great exercise for their fine motor skills.

I did this paper Christmas tree together with Victoria (5,5 years) and Lukas (4 years). I thought that Victoria managed the folding quite ok, but she still liked mine more so both kids preferred that I did the folding for each of their paper Christmas trees anyway.

1-20Cut the toilet paper roll in 2 for the base of the paper Christmas tree.



Make 2 small cuts on the side of the toilet paper roll to allow the folded paper to slide through.


Fold the zig-zag paper in 2 and then slide it through the cuts of the toilet paper roll. And there you are, you have your paper Christmas tree. Now all you need to do is to decorate it if you want to. If not, that’s also fine, even with no or few decoration, your paper Christmas tree will still look good 🙂

Paper Christmas Tree - Simple Christmas Crafts

I hope you like our easy-to-make paper Christmas tree. This is one of those simple Christmas crafts for kids that is ready almost as soon as you start making it 🙂 If you like this paper Christmas tree, have a look also at these other simple Christmas crafts for kids.

Paper Christmas Tree - Simple Christmas Crafts

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