Creative bath for kids – colored water and shaving cream painting

Do your kids love to take a bath or they hate it?

I’ve seldom seen kids who don’t care; they either love it or hate it. And they might change opinion a couple of times in the first years of their life 🙂 Anyhow, here’s 2 tips on how you can make bath time a fun play activity that worked like a charm for us and our 2 year old Lukas who was hating taking a bath.

And with the warm weather these days, this can be useful also for creative outdoor play activities!

1: Water in your kid’s favorite color

What about a pink bath? Or a green bath? Let your kid choose it. With the help of a little liquid food coloring (which you can purchase in most supermarkets) you turn the water into any color you want. The more coloring liquid you add, the more intense the color. Once diluted in water, the colouring does NOT stain the skin or the bath. (You may want to test first if you are worried.)

Put a couple of drops in the water and let your kids mix it to get colorful water

Creative bath for kids

2: Shaving foam as paint

When you’re at the supermarket for the food coloring, take as well a box of the cheapest shaving foam you find.
Creative bath for kids
Take a couple of small containers, put some shaving foam in each and add some drops of food coloring….
Creative bath for kids
… and let the kids do the rest.
Creative bath for kids
If you’re not satisfied with the intensity of the color, add some more food coloring. In the end you should get something like this:
Creative bath for kids

Our two oldest had a great time when we first tried this.
They were cheering constantly while painting all kind of shapes on each other bodies. When those were full, they attacked the walls  and the borders of the bath tube and created pieces of art.

Creative bath for kids

Luckily all was cleaned away easily with a bit of water!

Besides adding a lot of fun for our bath times, it was also a feast for the senses and provoked lots of chat, laughter and questioning from the 2 year old Lukas and 4 years old Victoria. Next time we’ll try to add some smell as well to make it even more interesting.

Have you ever tried making bath time more exciting? What did you do?

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