DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

A felt Christmas tree is the perfect answer when you have small kids and few space in the house. This is how I did our felt Christmas tree for kids which was also a great Christmas craft activity for the kids.

Crafts for kids - Playing with the Homemade Christmas Tree
Before I get into the details on how to make a felt Christmas tree for kids, allow me to confess: we haven’t had a Christmas tree for years. Up to the point where Victoria’s school teacher asked me curiously whether in my country we don’t celebrate Christmas, because apparently Victoria had shared  with the class that we don’t have a Christmas tree at home.

Not having a Christmas Tree seems to be not done, but I am not yet quite ready to invite a piece of forest in my living room. It takes a lot of space, it’s messy and you have to repeat to your kids “Stay away from the tree” a hundred times a day. Luckily lot’s of alternatives circulate out there so i decided that a felt Christmas tree for kids to decorate will be perfect for our family.

What you’ll need to make this felt Christmas tree for kids:

  • Lots of felt: A large piece of green for the tree and lots of small pieces in different colors for the balls and the star.
  • Scissors, perforator, tape and chalk.
  • Different decorating materials such as pearls, threads, glittery paint, glue for fabric …
  • Some ready cut felt (for the small balls and hearts).

To make the felt Christmas tree for kids, start with a big piece of green felt. To have it symmetrical, I folded it in two, drew the shape of a Christmas tree and cut it out.

Kids crafts - Cutting our homemade chistmas tree

Next connect  tape to all the corners to fix it to the wall. You can use double sided tape, or improvise the way I did :-)

Kids crafts - Taping our homemade chistmas tree

Some days before I had already prepared with Victoria loads of felt Christmas balls for our felt Christmas tree for kids.

Homemade Christmas Tree decorations made with our kids

Now that your felt Christmas tree for kids is standing, invite the kids to help you decorate it. All three of my kids were very enthusiastic about this part!

You don’t need any glue for putting the felt balls on the felt Christmas tree for kids- they stick because of static electricity. So even my smallest, Elena (1 year) was busy putting the balls on the lower part of the felt Christmas tree. As you can see she did a great job!

Crafts for kids - Homemade Christmas Tree

And so from now on, we will have our own felt Christmas tree for kids in the house.
On top this felt Christmas tree does not take too much space, makes no mess and can be used over and over again!

What have we learned from this activity:

  •  All kids practices their fine motor skills: Victoria(4,5) while decorating the balls, and Lukas(3) and Elena(1) while putting the balls on the felt Christmas tree.
  • Cooperation and playing together: This is one of the few times so far that Elena could join her older brother an sister in the play.

For alternative easy Christmas crafts for kids, check our toilet rolls Christmas tree and this simple Christmas tree from paper.

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