Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Birthdays … for most kids this is THE DAY, the highlight of the year. In our house the birthday countdown is a big deal and we started a tradition to make a themed birthday countdown for the kids.

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

10 days before THE day, a birthday countdown made of 10 fairies “magically” appeared on the wall of our living room, and that made quite an impression on my birthday girl.  Have a look at Victoria’s reaction when she first saw her fairy birthday countdown.

 I had the pleasure to write about how I made Victoria’s birthday countdown on  a favorite blog of mine, So hop over there to read the rest of the story and download the free printables so that you can also make your own fairy countdown!

And one last thing, if you liked these birthday countdown fairies, have a look also at how I used the  black and white version of the fairies in one of our favorite activities for toddlers. And while you’re there, you can also download some more free printables 😉

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

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