Creative Challenge for Kids: Draw Something that does not Exist

Help your kids to grow into creative adults. Give them creative challenges like asking them to draw something that does not exist.

creative challenge for kids
It was one of those days when the kids were unable to play together without getting into a fight. Both Victoria (5) and Lukas (almost 4) were taking turns in requesting my attention and complaining about the other one. They needed a distraction! And  drawing challenges are always fun!

creative challenge for kids

My kids – as all kids I bet – love being challenged, and I like to stimulate their creativity. That’s why I decided to try something new and challenge them to be creative and think out of the box. 

What you need for this creative activity for kids is:

  • A sheet of paper
  • Some crayons
  • A kid in need of a challenge 🙂

I put a blank sheet of paper in front of them and  challenged them to draw something that does not exist.

At first they looked at me a bit strange….“But Mommy, how can we draw something that does not exist?”, they asked me. To make things easier for them we each took turns in giving example of things that do not exist like “a girl with her eyes in the tummy” or “a moon with legs”. Once they got the concept, Victoria and Lukas  got excited and started their masterpieces.
creative challenge for kids

They could use anything they wanted to make their drawing; they just had to draw something…anything as long as it was not real. So Lukas drew some colorful circles and Victoria just used a pen to make her imaginary drawing with lots of details.

creative challenge for kids

The funny thing is that they were laughing so hard while drawing; and they were so vocal about the amazing things they did, that they got me tangled in their enthusiasm. I wanted to take advantage of the quiet time and do something else but I ended up just having a good laugh with them. So at the end of it all I didn’t do what I had planned to do but we definitely had some nice quality time, lots of laughter and some strange drawings.

creative challenge for kids
I welcome you to admire:

  • The girl with legs on her head, arms instead of feet and eyes and ponytails everywhere,
  • The boy with long ears and piglet legs who is thinking of a girl
  • The train with legs, hearts and wheels all around
  • And some other non-existing stuff

Aren’t they great?

Do you give creative challenges to your kids? If you haven’t tried it before, do try it out and you’ll be amazed how fun this is. Let them draw something that does not exist. And if you did try things like this, please share your ideas and my kids will love you for it!

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