3D Turkey Craft For Kids

I wanted to make an easy turkey craft for kids. Something that looks good and is easy enough to do even for 2 and 3 year olds. Let me know if you like it.

This is the result: a 3D turkey made of cardboard.

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To make this turkey craft for kids you need:

-a printer to print the free turkey template (see below)
-some coloring tools
-some thin cardboard (cereal and cookies cardboard boxes are perfect for this)
scissors or utility knife

Once you have all the above you can get to work:

Print the template and color it
Glue it on a piece of cardboard
Cut out the turkey’s body and tale and
-Assemble it

You can of course design your own 3D turkey, but you can also subscribe to the CreatifulKids mailing list and download it for free.

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive the download link in your confirmation email and you’ll be the first to know when free printables and new posts are available.

Thank you melsbrushes for the feathers I used for this turkey craft!
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